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“ Barang sangat berkualiti berbaloi dgn harga. Sangat kedap confirm tak kan tumpah. Tak sabar nak guna untuk anak. Ringan and tak berat anak bole bawak sendiri. Seller sangat sangat peramah. Puas hati ”

- sallehmohdd

“ Fast delivery. Seller updated me with the shipping status thru chat. Very good product quality. Definitely recommend this seller and the products. ”

- Jadeogl

“ secure packaging,fast delivery,order hari ni esok da sampai,beli utk ank 8 bulan utk ke rumah pgusuh,rasenya sng semua satu bekas,x guna lg,tggu besar ckit...nice service ”

- mawarjamal

“ Terbaik la seller laju buat kerja. Harini bayar, harini jugak dia pos out. Esok nya terus j&t hantar barang sampai dengan selamat. I’ve been eyeing for this for soooo long sampai termimpi-mimpi akhirnya beli jugak. Senang sikit nak bawa bekal anak ke pengasuh tak payah pakai banyak bekas. Satisfied! ”

- Cikayon

“ 服务又好又快,来得及开学前收到。 值得入手的饭盒。还要再入手多一个 ”

- shirleybb9080

“ Omg so fast delivery!!! Just ordered yesterday and to received it. Cant wait to use it for my daughter. So nice, the only 5 meal storage in one beg I found with individual lids. The packaging also very sturdy with bubble wrap n fragile sticker. Recommended seller ”

- nr5yzwni

“ Superb quality bento box MUMU that adhere to the international safety requirements & standard. A plastic Spork (Spoon+Fork) is also provided. I get premium items with the premium price that i paid. Satisfied. Thank you and best wishes to Seller! ”

- tini_joe

“ 我家小弟很期待开包裹,这个饭盒观望很久了!终于还是买了,让儿子可以带去学校!好喜欢好喜欢! 包装很扎实! 发货很快 ,只是J&T寄东马需时间! 颜值超高啊~ 喜欢! 不能只让儿子有,我也要有mumu, 我的mumu lima 可能还在飞机里~ ”

- karen_chan1202

“ 昨天下单 今天收到了 而且penang距离我这边terengganu那么远以为要几天时间收到 幸好赶得及在孩子开学前一天收到 品质真的是超级无敌好 还有我很害怕开关很难开 以前买到品质不好孩子很难开关 这个mumu tiga孩子轻松开关 不怕下课时间太短来不及开关吃东西很赶 最重要分隔刚刚好可以fix uht milk 而且不漏汤水去旁边食物 等第二个孩子也需要便当盒我还会再下单一个 ”

- milliooi

“ Received in good condition, very good quality whiteboard markers. 2nd box for my kid already. Easy to wash, very nice colours. ”

- helen2099

“ Markerpen应该很适合给粗鲁的小朋友用,我大大力的压INK笔~ 都没变型,最重要是~我白桌子都不怕你啦 ”

- yinglee502

“ Super fast delivery! Seller thank you for informing me that I miss the same day delivery even though it’s not even necessary. Very thoughtful of you. I loveee the pens. My daughter is loving it too. The ink is so pigmented and thick. Very nice colours too. Thank you so much!!” ”

- Syazzz

“ Alhamdulillah barang diterima dlm keadaan baik...seller xkedekut bubble wrap,kemain tebal lg dia wrap..1st time pkai brand ni, alhamdulillah puas hati,sbb xrisau klu ank terconteng kt mana2...setanding dgn brand crayola...terbaik ”

- rossanita

“ Good product !!! Seller very helpful and nice service from them. ”

- rosmaizati

“ Ordered on 4.4 and received the goods on the next day. Super fast delivery and good packing. Not the first time buying from this seller and the service is incredibly good, Can't wait to try the colorful markers, ”

- ying2low

“ Very nice colour and really can wipe off easily. My 1y7m son likes to close the pen cap more than drawing ”

- Kayecheok

“ Received Mumu Canary & Aurora in well. Good stuff for my little one. 很有耐心的卖家,详细解释. ”

- catherine8062

“ 儿子乱画一通,当娘的也在他手上乱画。没事,湿纸巾擦一擦就干净了。不小心沾到衣服,肥皂搓一搓也就干净了。大爱这颜色笔! ”

- elaine_1223

“ Good packing and fast delivery. The marker’s color very attractive and sharp with no smelly. My kids really enjoy it. Thanks seller. ”

- kxin2

“ Good product quality and fast delivery. The item is well wrapped with bubble wrap and boxes. The wooden toy quality is very good and smooth, safe for young child to play with. ”

- irene.huilynn

“ Fast delivery. Nice seller, nice service. 卖家服务亲切,谢谢你赠送的小礼物 ”

- yungchye

“ Best seller and the team!!! Thanks for the surprise! Thank you so much! 當時我跟賣家說,這是想送給小屁孩的1嵗生日禮物,所以想麻煩賣家幫我雕刻上小屁孩的名字。結果賣家很好的就直接幫我把禮物包得美美的,真是太太太太謝謝他們了!還畫上了小屁孩最愛的草莓,真的真的太感謝他們了!真的好用心!”

- windncc

“ It’s a very good experience to buy things from you. The books were received in good condition. I was so so so impressed by the packaging, 3 layers in total, and it took me some time to unwrap it. Anyway, I love the books and the super good service from you. Keep it up and all the best ”

- limilhueyeuhcheehc

“ Very good product quality, great value for money, seller is pleasant to deal with, delivery is very fast. ”

- michvoon

“ Superb products, love it sooooooo much. Thank you Wildmum provide friendly and efficient service ”

- belinda.yap

“ First time purchase experience from this seller and it was a pleasant one. Seller replied promptly to my message even though i texted at night time. The items were all nicely packed and received in good term. Really love the design of this lunch box as it is kid usage friendly with many compartments ”

- jessyngcs90