Mumu Celeste : 20-colors acrylic marker

RM30.00 RM49.00

 【Regarding why Celeste?】 🤟🏻 boss says "in 2020 we launched Aurora broad body whiteboard markers, although this will soon be EOL and be replaced by Zora, still I would like to pay tribute to such legacy" 🤟🏻 celeste means "heavenly, majestic sky", because nature is no doubt the best artist ever, so let's get inspired and recreate such beauty . .


【Regarding "ada berapa warna tu?"】 🤟🏻 20 colors (including metalic gold & silver) 🤟🏻 0.7mm extra fine tip (best for DIY projects) 🤟🏻 non-toxic (but doesn't mean boleh makan atau minum ye, not tasty), odorless, quick drying 🤟🏻 adult's supervision recommended since the cap could be a tempting teether for younger child (small parts = choke risks) . .


【Regarding "boleh x conteng atas silicone mat Mumu?"】 😉 boleh, BUT acrylic marker is best to create DIY projects (let it air dry overnight for permanent outcome) on surfaces such as stones, ceramic, glasses, woods, canvas, leather, papers, plastics, eggs, etc 😉 for silicone mats, admin masih recommend whiteboard markers (such as our Aurora or Zora) . .


【Product features】

  • water-based, non-toxic, odorless
  • come in a drawstring jute pouch for your Van Gogh on-the-go
  • suitable for 3y+ as per toy safety regulation (children under 3 is advisable to be accompanied by parents)
  • exquisite selection of 20 vivid colors (including Metallic series)
  • high quality fiber tip for smooth lines
  • can be drawn on various materials (e.g. stones, woods, paper, glasses, tiles, plastic, metal, windows, mirrors etc.)
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for doodling on silicone mats
  • washable ink, erase easily from most non-porous surfaces
  • comes with cap and pen holder for your convenience
  • this product is certified by international safety requirements & standards (EN 71, ASTM D963-08)



  1. shake well (with the cap on) before use
  2. press the tip several times until ink flows
  3. please recap tightly and keep flat after using



  • adhered to lab report & KDPNHEP toy safety regulation, we listed Celeste as a toy meant for age 3+++. This is because we do have removable part (pen cap) that might be harmful
  • according to safety protocol, toys or parts should be large enough -- at least 3cm in diameter OR 6cm in length. A choking hazard is any object that could be caught in a child's throat blocking their airway & making it difficult or impossible to breathe
  • we encourage parents to monitor & guide