Mumu Canary : wooden percussion instrument

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【Why Canary?】

Albeit the tiny fingers and pinkish cheeks, have you ever wondered how such a small bundle of joy brings the best in us? Though, on-and-off parents would find it hard fulfilling requests and juggling priorities (hang in there, we love you), there is no denying just how much a gesture as simple as a smooch could brighten up our day either.

Just like the melodious songbird, your LO is doing his/her best to express him/herself, and wouldn't stop conveying just how much he/she loves you. Despite the crazy schedule, it's great to sit back, relax, strike a beautiful melody, and let your baby Mozart fall in love with percussion instrument. Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.

【Product features】

  • made of quality beech wood
  • make a pleasant sound by tapping lightly
  • polished, smooth, and rounded edges for safety
  • size: 14.5cm x 13cm x 1.3cm
  • suitable for age 1-4 (for infants, parents' supervision is much appreciated)
  • designed in Malaysia
  • made in China
  • this product is certified by international safety requirements & standards (ASTM, MC)

Wooden toys are durable, stimulate children's creativity and senses. But how is the best way to clean wooden toys?

  • do not get wet : wooden toys are prone to black mold when damp, so we recommend daddies & mummies to put the blocks in a dry and well ventilated place
  • no washing : never soak or immerse wooden toys in water. Wood is porous, so wooden toys will swell & deform when exposed to water
  • avoid heat & changes in temperature : no doubt, drying in the sun is great as it speeds up the drying process, and the sun is a natural way to kill more germs. However strong sunlight or prolonged exposure can lead to color fade, swell or crack, and lead to breaking
  • wipe gently : with a clean rag or handkerchief, gently wipe the surface of the wooden toys. Occasional moisturizing can be beneficial to condition your wooden toy and keep it looking great. Olive oil works well, or another non-toxic option is beeswax polish. Don't forget to place the toys in a ventilated place to air-dry

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With proper care and maintenance, you will find your wooden toy providing many years of play and enjoyment.

Uniquely yours
Strengths aside, Wild Mums are always ready in marching the extra miles to present a memorable gift specially tailored for your little man and little miss. After all, aesthetics is never an aspect to be overlooked. We believe in delivering a love-worthy ceremonious heirloom for generations. Other than the as-is memorable unboxing experiences, please do not be afraid in approaching us for additional services, e.g. name engraving, premium gift warp, gift card, hidden message, you name it.

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