Workshop : bauble craft


Description : Comes in either a crystal ball alike dome (with LED) OR a bigger 10cm transparent PVC bauble (with white colored stand), this is a splendid additon indeed for your loved ones (or even for you). Feel free to decorate the bauble, e.g. with figurines, with LED, with fake moss, with imitation plants, with pebbles, etc. Who knows, with a touch of clay works, you might be bagging home a miniature of what you like the most.

What will you learn : The basic of landscape decoration. Arrangement of elements. Keeping the bauble balance. Basic LED wiring technique (optional).

How to prepare : Haus is located at the 1st floor of Sunny Point Complex (above KC Home Furniture, below IBOX Theater). MBPP parking rate : RM0.40 every 30mins, RM0.80/hr. Workshop will be conducted in our workshop room, however learners are welcome to first mingle around our mini library / sofa area / social bonding with other participants.