About Us

by Wildmums

Last updated: February 28, 2023

Heart-warming essentials for your toddlers. Make your parenting journey even more delightful with Wildmums.

Brand Details

From Heart, to Heart.

Mumu by Wildmums is a Penang based Malaysian local brand solely owned and trademarked by Malaysian company Wild Mums Enterprise 201903234112 (003009713-P). We have several categories under our wings, namely Feeding (lunch boxes, dining mats, containers), Utilities (coloring tools, coloring mats, markers, training potty), & Wooden Educational Toys (open-ended for an invitation to explore).

Mumu understands the passion and dedication of every parent: your kids’ well-being will always be your top priority. Designed with quality, safety, and convenience for moms and babies in mind, this Penang-based brand provides a wide variety of choices for your toddler’s needs of everyday items that are practical and easy to use at the same time.

As mothers, we refuse to neglect the safety of your dearest family. Mumu advocates minimalism, simplicity, sustainability, natural wood color, & food-grade materials (the color pigments used, if any, are high-quality eco-friendly non-toxic soy-based inks) -- in order to allow children to explore freely in a friendly environment.

When it comes to quality and safety, we believe most parents would first think of foreign big names, right? However, is the grass always greener on the other side? This is indeed something to ponder... As fellow Malaysians, we should be proud of who we are, and be open to things developed by / created by / designed by / manufactured by local Malaysians.

And, that's how and why we wanted to embark on a journey from Malaysian, to Malaysian (and of course to our neighbors on the other side).

The Beginning of a New Chapter

The decision is in your hands, with open Hearts we are waiting.

Amanda Chong, the Founder of Mumu by Wildmums, defines #choosetochallenge as a brave warrior ready to face the unknown.


“The voyage might not be (and would not be) a smooth sailing one, but that is the most interesting part of an adventure. Let there be the storm, let there be turbulence -- what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger,” she said.


But when can she see herself reflected as a great warrior to conquer all the uncertainty storm in the career?

“I think juggling between my daughter, my career, my husband, as well as my personal area of interest.

Being a mother (yet embracing the culture and lifestyle of an entrepreneur), it is hard to imagine myself having the leisure time to just sit down, read a book while enjoying sips of gourmet coffee.

I have to admit the fact of being greedy -- the hunger for new knowledge, exposure, height, and horizon -- is something deeply engraved in my soul, as there are so many things I would love to draft and work on. I love to put smiles on children's faces. It warms my heart knowing someone somewhere gets to learn from playing with one of my creations.” she said.

As the driving force behind Mumu & Wild Mums, she mainly focuses on sourcing R&D, packaging & branding, and crafting marketing materials for our promotional campaigns. She is based in Penang with her husband and her absolutely adorable daughter.

To find a balance in between all the roles she plays, she thinks time management is crucial, and takes roles switching to an extreme manner to balance out the responsibilities.

“Oftentimes my team and I find myself replying at the weirdest hours, waking up and coming out with new ideas over midnight because this is the only time any mums could have the whole universe for themselves, alone. Things are not easy, yet I find great satisfaction and a sense of achievement from all these tiny bits of joy.

When mentioning the future #choosetochallenge area, she wishes to bring more quality innovative Mumu products to the children, while she believes play is never just for fun, it also helps children to be confident & be ready for the future, while encourages parent-child quality time & improves family bonds.

Furthermore, Mumu is actively involved in CSR (especially in the education field), Amanda hopes their small efforts could assist friends in providing a better learning environment to the new generation.

Last but not least, in 2021 Mumu is a Natural Health Readers’ Choice Award 2021 winner in three categories: Toddler Training Potty, Baby Wooden Toy and Compartments Lunch Box for Children. Amanda takes this milestone as a page to not be forgotten in her journey for the brand, and expressed that it is only the beginning of many more exciting pages to unfold!

Why Mumu?

Create your own Adventure

Let's brainstorm together to get the overall picture,

  • Malaysia is very hot, got lots of floral and fauna, we exports rubber, rubber wood is a good representation of who we are
  • Fauna wise we got tapir, harimau, musang, ikan puyu, penyu, badak, enggang, pelanduk, dugong, gajah, and so much more
  • Chinese pronunciation for both gajah and rubber = "xiang4 象橡", sort of destined huh? Alright let's go with elephant then
  • Elephants are gray in color, enormous, mighty, powerful, caring, team player, cooperative, and gentle. A herd of elephant is often led by the eldest female (a.k.a. the matriarch, whose often in charge of teaching the youngs), whereby adult males tend to wander on their own
  • Key takeaway = gray, matriarch, youngs, dedication, pass down, inheritance... And that's how we slowly refined the elephant symbol
  • Elephants look like the letter M, Chinese pronunciation for wood is "mu4 木", and "mu3 母姆" for mother, smooches sound like "muah" "muaks" "mumumumu"...

Alright, Mumu that's it!