Cerita House : The Secret of Tooth Fairy Land


Are you looking ways to motivate your child in tooth brushing?

Planning to raise awareness among children on global warming?

This book is all you need!

A fun and creative story design to encourage children to brushing diligently and in the same time care about our mother earth.

Environmental issue and personal hygiene can come hand in hand just with the help of some fairy dust.

Increasing awareness on global warming & climate change. Promote self motivation in oral hygiene.

Reading age : 4 - 8 years
Language : English
Publisher : Sweet Grin Kit
Publication date : November 1, 2021
Print length : 32 pages
Dimensions : 22 x 0.2 x 22 cm
Book weight : 0.01kg (100gm)
Book type : paperback, soft cover
ISBN-10 : 9672604424
ISBN-13 : 978-9672604426
Latest Christmas story about tooth fairies, Santa and the elves.
Recommended for early & beginning readers, reading aloud at home or school, and bedtime stories. (Ages: 4-8)

One fine afternoon, while Santa and his elves were having their afternoon tea, a terrible flash flood covered the North Pole and caught them completely by surprise. Their precious home was destroyed.

Luckily, the tooth fairies came to the rescue. BUT !!

The climate had changed and there would be no more ice and snow—it was too warm for ice and snow. To save Christmas, Santa, the elves, and the tooth fairies had to work together to make new ‘snow’ and to make sure that there would still be a white Christmas…

*Creating awareness on environmental issues such as: global warming, carbon footprint, climate change
*Motive children to take control of their own personal and oral hygiene.

Written by Dr.Feliciayi
Dr.Feliciayi is a practicing dentist based in Malaysia. She is inspired to empower children through stories especially on teeth related theme. For more information follow her on IG : Drfeliciayi or drop her an email: drfeliciayi@gmail.com