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Paid campaign : IG / FB / TikTok

Paid campaign : IG / FB / TikTok

Hi, we are looking for content creators (5,000 followers and above) to attend our Penang outlet soft launch event. The objective is to promote & create awareness of our cozy hangout space.


Date : 5 February 2023 (Sunday)

Time : 11am till 2pm (tentatively)

Location : 8-1-09, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Batu Uban, 11700 Gelugor Penang (view map)


Background : Haus by Wildmums 

  • https://wildmumsinc.com
  • a curator of Malaysia local brands
  • a hub for friends & families 
  • an event space for health talks, campaigns for story books, & workshops (music box, clay craft, pompom crafts, bath bomb, lip balm, lipstick, nagomi art, terrarium, etc.)
  • sister division of Mumu by WildMums (quality wooden toys, award winning lunch boxes, children-friendly non-toxic coloring markers) & Buku by Wildmums (authorized distributor of quality local story books e.g Baba Baa, Cerita House, April's Publishing, Gasing Buku, etc.)


Payment & benefits :

  • goodies bag with exclusive RM100 gift voucher (redeemable on the spot for products / workshop)
  • light refreshments will be served (HALAL)
  • fun hands-on activities for everyone 
  • RM100 cash payment upon project completion (a.k.a. delivery of quality contents)
  • opportunity for long-term collaborations e.g. product unboxing, invitation to workshops, etc.


Profile requirements :

  • 5k followers and above on IG / FB / TikTok
  • all races, any language (Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese), any gender, age 21 and above, single / couples / or married with children 
  • profiles with quality contents featuring family activities, spending time with children, handicrafts, DIY, cafe hopping, check-in, etc.


Posting timeline : before 12 Feb 2023, with mentions & tags



  • Google Review
  • review on social media e.g.,
    • IG Story & IG Post / Reel (mirror to FB)
    • OR FB story & FB post
    • OR TikTok vids

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