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Award : Successful People in Malaysia

Award : Successful People in Malaysia

Successful People in Malaysia

"Fake it until you make it! Act as if you have all the confidence you need until it becomes your reality." -- @reyshathegreat

Wild Mums Enterprise is operated by a team of wild mums who bear their cubs and are committed to presenting quality products to every mother and their little ones. The name Wild Mums is profound, and it stands for: Wild; Mothers adapt to their guts and instincts. Mothers are born in power, knowing that birth is their divine calling and right.

In 2019, It was founded by Ms. Amanda, the Founder of Wild Mums Enterprise, Her bravery and challenges have made the creation today, and she has defined her brand of masterpieces [01] Mumu by Wildmums @2020, [02] Buku by Wildmums @2022 and [03] Haus by Wildmums @2022.

Since 2017, when the new life (Reysha) was agitated within her, she began her joy, as a brave warrior, she was ready to face the unknown, the power of motherhood in her world is greater than the laws of nature.

Her love and angelic voice are the fuel that allows an ordinary person to accomplish the impossible today
[01] Mumu by Wildmums - Promotes minimalism, simplicity, sustainability, natural wood colors and food grade materials (made from pine and beech wood, soon rubberwood). The name "Mumu" extracts the symbol of the elephant. The elephant's body is like the letter "M". In Chinese, the pronunciation of wood is "mu(4)", the pronunciation of mother is "mu(3)", and the pronunciation of smooches is "muah", "muaks", "mumumumu" and so on.

[02] Buku by Wildmums - Common Rhododendron, usually makes the sound of "Cuckoo, Cuckoo" when sowing in spring, as if to tell people that the season of sowing is coming, hence the name Cuckoo, it also has the sound of "Buku", and designed a bird pattern was born. Finally,

[03] Haus by Wildmums - a space named after a giraffe, surrounded by greenery that warms the thriving mothers. Haus is a Germanic word meaning house. The letter "H" is more like a home pattern, so it shapes the motherland, a home, where is a heart, "haus" is a place of inspiration, a place of cooperation, a place of warmth, and it has also triggered countless event spaces, workshops, experience stores, etc.

The idea of being a mompreneurship never crossed my mind until 2017. My motherhood started when Reysha was born. In addition, my husband needs to travel from time to time due to work, so I have decided to take care of my daughter wholeheartedly, to give up the prospect of a good job at Intel, to make up for the debt that his daughter often does not see her father.

By April 2019, by chance, I met a couple, Richard & Vivienne, the bole/ mentor in my life, and my life began to change 360 degrees; Realized that no one will be an entrepreneur by birth, we are all created through our lives. With their wisdom and guidance, they helped me find my path, and after a long period of precipitation, I was eager to move forward with my hidden passion and re-evaluate my career. Later, together with another three mothers, we made the most of us, and started Wild Mum Enterprise in Penang in 2019.

At Wild Mums, we redefine our second home, our passion and our success, and that's how we got there. While along the way, as I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I had an idea of what to expect, I was surprised when the reality I faced was different from what I expected. My team and I often find ourselves replying at the weirdest times, waking up and coming out with new ideas over midnight because this is the only time any mums could have the whole universe for themselves, alone.

Things are not easy, yet I find great satisfaction and a sense of achievement from all these tiny bits of joy. To find a balance in between all the roles I play, I think time management is crucial, and take roles switching to an extreme manner to balance out the responsibilities. In fact, I firmly believe that nothing is impossible to a willing heart; because what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger
5 October 2022
Hello there!

My name is Syazana from British Publishing House.

We would like to invite the Founder of Mumu By Wildmums for a short interview with our editor. We are currently working on our 5th edition encyclopedia of the 'Successful People in Malaysia' and we believe that the founders profile fit to be featured in our 5th edition encyclopedia.
17 October 2022
This is Jasmee here, assistant of accredited editor Renee here from Britishpedia Media Group of Malaysia. On behalf of our editor, a gentle reminder for your interview session tomorrow.
20 October 2022
Thank you for your amendments. We have made the amendments as per your request. We are sending it again to you for your further review and confirmation. Please be informed that the confirmation status will be applied simultaneously to both book item & certificate item, thank you.

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Martin Nikodemus
6 March 2023
Hi I'm Clara from British Publishing House, Malaysia, your cert is arriving this March.

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