STEAM set : Dental Care

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Are you looking ways to motivate your child in tooth brushing? Dental phobia is common among us, and most of it was developed during our childhood.

Unfortunately we can’t turn back time and reverse it but what we can do is trying out creative ways to help out next generation avoiding it. Suitable for 3-10 years old, this STEAM set intends to introduce dental filling procedures in a child friendly way in order to eliminate children’s dental phobia.

Written by Dr.Feliciayi -- a practicing dentist based in Malaysia. She is inspired to empower children through stories especially on teeth related theme.

“As a dentist, I notice there are a lot of books in the market that introduce dental visits, but lack the procedural depth on how dentists treat teeth. So I thought why not write a stories and bridge that gap to reduce children’s fear of the unknown.” @drfeliciayi

What's in the STEAM set : Dental Care package?
- 1x The Secret of Tooth Fairy Land children story book
- 1x How to Fight Tooth Bugs children story book
- 1x sticker set
- 1x finger puppets set
- 1x coloring sheet
- 3x brushing habit trackers
- 1x Mumu Zora 15-colors marker set
- 1x (toy) tooth hook
- 1x (toy) dental mirror
- 1x (toy) toothpaste
- 1x (toy) syringe
- 1x (toy) dental drill
- 1x (toy) tweezers
- 1x (toy) toothbrush
- 1x (toy) plate
- 1x (toy) teeth mold

Make it entertaining. For toddlers, brushing their teeth is a challenge. Assist your child's focus by utilizing the dental care STEAM set. They should be taught how to properly clean their teeth, step-by-step. Playing may be fun and educational at the same time. Just take the teeth model, toothpaste, and toothbrush, and you're ready to learn how to clean your teeth correctly!