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Online workshop : Anak Malaysia Sihat

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What is this workshop about?
May I know the event flow & agenda?
Do I need to prepare anything?
Is it my child has to cook on the spot?
Would it be too difficult?
What about the tools & ingredient?

Actually, this workshop is a hybrid of the following,
  • personal hygiene
  • stay hydrated
  • introduction to healthy balanced meal concept
  • AND recipe sharing & LIVE hands-on of preparing Christmas-themed snacks

We have tons of eye-opening info for participants of our workshop. For instance,

  • Why is personal hygiene important?
  • How to get rid of the germs on hand?
  • What is the proper way to wash our hands?
  • Why is water consumption important?
  • What is gulu gulu?
  • Are you aware of the terms GO food, GROW food, and GLOW food?
  • How does each & every food group assist us?
  • What is the recommended daily intake proportion?
  • How do we enjoy Christmas treats without over consuming a specific food group?
  • Do you know? Cooking with kids is beneficial!
  • Mixing the ingredients, rolling the dough, using cutters... These are great ways to enhance fine motor strength & control!

Cooking with your kids boost their development
As a kid, you probably helped your mom beat the eggs or roll the dough to bake yummy cookies. What you probably didn’t know was that you were developing valuable life skills. As a parent, each time you let your child help you prepare a meal, you are also preparing them for success in school and in life. Cooking with your kids offers a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow.

For instance, introducing and having your child to recognize different ingredients allows your personal assistant to learn new vocab, while being able to count and predict what happens next! Your little Einstein will soon be replicating the steps of picking up the exact amount of a specific ingredient from the fridge, helping cleaning then peeling off the skin, slicing and chopping them like a champion, and reminding you when it’s time to place your marinated ingredients into the oven.

It’s not exaggerating to say cooking is a task that the entire family can enjoy. Cooking together as a family brings everyone together and creates a bonding experience. What’s more, it allows your children to try new food that they may have not tried otherwise.

Eating healthy starts with you. Allowing kids to cook too, helps them to learn what foods are healthy & what are not. Let’s encourage our young nutritious eating habits and prevent obesity (thanks to growth of food knowledge).

Hungry for more? Exciting workshop & food facts coming your way this 11 December, stay tuned!

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