Relax meal time set

RM135.00 RM217.00

A total worth of RM217, this set consists of

  • 1x Mumu M3 720ml detachable lunch box
  • 1x Mumu Zora or Aurora whiteboard markers set
  • 1x Mumu silicone dining coloring mat (choose from 7 designs)


Why choose us?

  • providing your child a portable food grade doodling area while waiting for food
  • providing a non-messy and hygienic dining area for your little one
  • the mat can be used as a serving mat too to directly place foods onto it
  • maintenance : wipe with alcohol based wet wipes / wash with hand soap liquid / wash with dish washer 



  • For age 0-3 : Aurora is advisable to minimize stress on the tiny fingers
  • For age 3+ OR for those prominent in 3-points hold posture, Zora is suitable for smooth transition
  • DO NOT doodle with permanent markers or powdery chalk markers