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mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, story, behind the scene, rationale, designer, reyshathegreat

unité (pronounce as unity) wooden puzzle is in fact the very first product under Mumu's wings -- as simple as it can be, our designer too had spent countless hours fine-tuning the details. Let it be the curves, the difficulties, the overall thickness, or the weight of each & every parts -- what you receive now is actually the result of three prototyping & user testing cycles (often time we say her daughter is indeed her best QC Manager, because you need unbiased feedback from actual target users to verify your creations)

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, story, behind the scene, rationale, designer, reyshathegreat

「Of course it's the easiest if everyone is the same, as the inner anxiety haunting you is no longer available. However, it's about the rules of equivalence -- by doing so you will lose your personal traits & characteristics. It's totally OK to be different & be unique, in fact it's something to be proud of」
-Japanese comedian, Shimura Ken

unité is the backbone of our believes,

  • it's about unity -- to join, to synergize, to standalone, & to resonate
  • though, just how do we make the most out of all these contradicting entities? We are more than aware everything has it's own uniqueness & personal traits, so just how to blend & fuse in harmony without blowing out someone else's candle? What shall we let go of, and what is the key in finding in the balance that work best?
  • the same applies to both puzzles & being in a team -- every single piece is different, and each plays an important role in shaping the overall vision
  • there is no need comparing your life to others, because you would surely shine when it's your time -- it's all about be patient, be observant, and be firm in your paths taken
  • oftentimes we're amazed by achievements of those under the lime light, yet we lack of the reflection of how mesmerizing we are in fact from the perspectives & viewpoints of others
  • success can make you go one of two ways -- it can make you a prima donna -- or it can smooth the edges, take away the insecurities, let the nice things come out
  • it's not how great the ideas are -- it's about how you write them, to make them great

「United we grow, synergized we create, in harmony we thrive」
-Mumu designer @reyshathegreat

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, dimensions, parts

Uniquely, unité

  • as part of Mumu wooden toy for babies bundle, unité is without question on a higher difficulty level (if to be compared with Baobao wooden wheeled toy & Canary wooden percussion instrument), thus it's no harm categorizing unité as the bridge between babies bundle & children bundle
  • in line with infants' development, usually we'd recommend parents to first start interacting & probing their LO with Baobao & Canary, and slowly offering unité when their children is already used to solid food & about 8-9m old, where pincer grasps is developing. This way the said children would be able to start perform hands-on activities with unité, and motivated to explore more with every achievement unlocked
  • recently, BLW (or baby-led weaning, in which caretakers are skipping spoon-feeding purees & letting babies exploring finger foods right from the start at 6m old) has become a norm for Asian parents. This is in fact a great opportunity for the infants to practice & refine at meal-times their fine motor proficiencies (e.g. palmer grasps & pincer grasps)
  • understanding the theories & completing a puzzle is of course not something we wish to force upon young infant -- instead it is an instrument for fine motor dexterity activities
  • in a long run, holding & attempts of assembling the puzzles too cultivates infants' interest in shape recognition & enhances their spatial cognition -- slowly but surely, they are gradually turning the fragments into comprehensive visuals & be able to bring about a big picture
  • we took your children's tiny hands & wrists into consideration while determining the weight & size of the puzzle pieces, so that the said pieces wouldn't burden your beloved LO (and thus relatively infant friendly)
  • throughout the design iterations, we eliminated all the relatively dangerous sharp corners (if any)  - if the child is holding & chewing on his teeth, the risk of hurting his delicate mouth is greatly reduced
  • the neutral color from natural beech wood is safe & lead-free, it is also suitable for users of all ages -- even when it is demonstrated & guided by elder generations
  • in addition, we utilize our background in instructional design & development to work closely with Occupational Therapist from Kemaman (Terengganu, Malaysia) in integrating learning instruments for the children in need -- we believe it is a maternal instinct to give back & contribute

mumu, unite, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, benefits

Disclaimer: adhered to lab report & KDPNHEP toy safety regulation, we listed Dorado as a toy meant for age 3+++. This is because we do have smaller parts (magnets, threads on the fishing rod, parts of fishing rod) that might be harmful.

According to safety protocol, toys or parts should be large enough -- at least 3cm in diameter OR 6cm in length. A choking hazard is any object that could be caught in a child's throat blocking their airway and making it difficult or impossible to breathe.

We encourage parents or caretakers to monitor and guide your little one throughout the play -- for safety, and also for quality bonding time among family members. Your child will learn so much by interacting with & observing you.

As mothers, we refuse to neglect the safety of your dearest family. Mumu advocates minimalism, simplicity, sustainability, natural wood color, & food-grade materials (the color pigments used, if any, are high-quality eco-friendly non-toxic soy-based inks) -- in order to allow children to explore freely in a friendly environment.

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, behind the scene, manufacturing, factory

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, behind the scene, manufacturing, factory

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, behind the scene, manufacturing, factory

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toy, puzzles, signature, elephant, behind the scene, manufacturing, factory

Product features

  • suitable for 9m+ (we labeled as 3y+)
  • unisex design & color (natural wood color)
  • made of quality beech wood (with rounded edges)
  • overall product weight : 0.4kg
  • come with thick cotton bag to ease you through
  • providing just the right size and weight for the tiny hands
  • promote shape recognition
  • encourage and nurture fine motor skill
  • enhance LOs' hand-eye coordination
  • improved visual-spatial recognition
  • parent-child bonding
  • adhered to international toy safety regulations (ASTM F963-17)
  • Malaysia MC conformity

Wooden toys are durable, stimulate children's creativity and senses. But how is the best way to clean wooden toys?


  • do not get wet : wooden toys are prone to black mold when damp, so we recommend daddies & mummies to put the blocks in a dry and well ventilated place
  • no washing : never soak or immerse wooden toys in water. Wood is porous, so wooden toys will swell & deform when exposed to water
  • avoid heat & changes in temperature : no doubt, drying in the sun is great as it speeds up the drying process, and the sun is a natural way to kill more germs. However strong sunlight or prolonged exposure can lead to color fade, swell or crack, and lead to breaking
  • wipe gently : with a clean rag or handkerchief, gently wipe the surface of the wooden toys. Occasional moisturizing can be beneficial to condition your wooden toy and keep it looking great. Olive oil works well, or another non-toxic option is beeswax polish. Don't forget to place the toys in a ventilated place to air-dry

mumu, unite, unity, synergy, wooden toys, caring, instructions, dos and don'ts, we care

With proper care and maintenance, you will find your wooden toy providing many years of play and enjoyment.

Uniquely yours
Strengths aside, Wild Mums are always ready in marching the extra miles to present a memorable gift specially tailored for your little man and little miss. After all, aesthetics is never an aspect to be overlooked. We believe in delivering a love-worthy ceremonious heirloom for generations. Other than the as-is memorable unboxing experiences, please do not be afraid in approaching us for additional services, e.g. name engraving, premium gift warp, gift card, hidden message, you name it.

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