Workshop : marimo ecorium


Description : Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of marimo ecorium! Let's discover these unique moss balls, the low-maintenance pet that brings green vibes and zen charm to any room.

What will you learn :

  • choosing vibrant pebbles and colorful decorations.
  • gently placing their precious marimo, watching it dance in the water.
  • learning about sustainable aquatic life and green pet care.

How to prepare : Haus is located at the 1st floor of Sunny Point Complex (above KC Home Furniture, below IBOX Theater). MBPP parking rate : RM0.40 every 30mins, RM0.80/hr. Workshop will be conducted in our workshop room, however learners are welcome to first mingle around our mini library / sofa area / social bonding with other participants.

The host will provide : all materials for marimo ecorium