Herb Cha : winter melon & red dates 冬瓜红枣


Herb Cha by October Cups

OCTOBER CUPS is a Penang-grown brand and a wholesome herbal drinks made from 100% natural ingredients. OCTOBER CUPS 是由本地槟城出产100%纯天然减糖健康饮料。 


Pack size : 350ml

Ingredients : filtered water, winter melon, red dates, rock sugar

✔️ 100% natural ingredients
❌ No added Preservatives, coloring & artificial flavoring
♻️ Product is packed in glass bottle, it can be reuse & recycled
💯 Halal-Certified by JAKIM

✔️ 以100%纯天然原料熬煮制成
❌ 无防腐剂,无色素,无味素
♻️ 玻璃瓶装,喝完可循环利用及回收
💯 马来西亚 Halal 认证


Feature : Winter melon on its own does not produce a strong taste, but when combined with red dates, makes a tangy and sweet herbal drink. Perfect to beat the Malaysian heat and as a slimming tea option. 冬瓜红枣茶即健康又顺口润喉,适合马来西亚酷热天气饮用解渴消暑,也是消脂茶的选择之一。

Herb Cha : winter melon & red dates 冬瓜红枣


Winter melon is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, sodium and many health-benefitting nutrients. It can help lower body temperature, besides improving the body’s immunity system, and is commonly used in Chinese double-boiled soups for nourishment.

Red Dates are one of the most popular health foods that is not only a food ingredient, but also as a health tonic that is included in may traditional Chinese herbal formulas. It functions to stimulate blood flow, improve skin health and balance bodily ‘qi’.

Herb Cha : winter melon & red dates 冬瓜红枣

Herb Cha : winter melon & red dates 冬瓜红枣
✔️Aids digestion
✔️Stimulates blood flow
✔️Balances bodily ‘qi’
✔️Relieves summer heat

✔️清肺润喉 ✔️补气养血 ✔️养生保健 ✔️去湿解暑

⚠️ Currently, We deliver within Peninsula Malaysia. We DO NOT deliver to P.O. Box address, Sabah & Sarawak.