Herb Cha : peach gum & red dates 桃胶红枣


Herb Cha by October Cups

OCTOBER CUPS is a Penang-grown brand and a wholesome herbal drinks made from 100% natural ingredients. OCTOBER CUPS 是由本地槟城出产100%纯天然减糖健康饮料。 


Herb Cha : peach gum & red dates 桃胶红枣

Pack size : 350ml

Ingredients : filtered water, peach gum, red dates, rock sugar

✔️ 100% natural ingredients
❌ No added Preservatives, coloring & artificial flavoring
♻️ Product is packed in glass bottle, it can be reuse & recycled
💯 Halal-Certified by JAKIM

✔️ 以100%纯天然原料熬煮制成
❌ 无防腐剂,无色素,无味素
♻️ 玻璃瓶装,喝完可循环利用及回收
💯 马来西亚 Halal 认证


Feature : This sweet-tasting herbal drink gives you a boost in energy and improves your skin health at the same time! 桃胶红枣带有清甜的口感,不仅能增强体能,同时亦能促进及改善皮肤的状态。

Herb Cha : peach gum & red dates 桃胶红枣


Peach Gum is the solidified resin from peach and Chinese wild peach trees. It is loaded with high levels of amino acid that helps promote our body’s absorption of collagen. Collagen is also naturally present in our body mass, in the form of tendons, bones, muscles, corneas, skin and the space between each vertebrae.

Red Dates are one of the most popular health foods that is not only a food ingredient, but also as a health tonic that is included in may traditional Chinese herbal formulas. It functions to stimulate blood flow, improve skin health and balance bodily ‘qi’.

Herb Cha : peach gum & red dates 桃胶红枣

Herb Cha : peach gum & red dates 桃胶红枣
✔️Aids collagen absorption
✔️Promotes youthful skin
✔️Natural source of iron
✔️Balances bodily ‘qi’
✔️Perfect ‘beauty drink’

✔️养颜嫩肤 ✔️滋润补水 ✔️和血益气 ✔️生津止渴

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