Workshop : saga merah craft


Description : 红豆最相思 (a.k.a. nothing can show how much you miss & treasure them if NOT saga seeds). It's never too early to craft your own upcycled accessories made of acacia seeds (相思豆 saga merah), glass beads, resin beads made of preserved flowers, & metal ornaments etc ❤️ For example, you can make bracelet / earrings / pendant / keychain charm / handphone charm / amulet / etc, and the PLUS POINT is saga seeds are 100% natural, very suitable for even sensitive skins❤️

What will you learn : Basic jewelry craft using upcycled materials. Creation of preserved flowers resin parts. The safe ways of handling drills. 

How to prepare : Haus is located at the 1st floor of Sunny Point Complex (above KC Home Furniture, below IBOX Theater). MBPP parking rate : RM0.40 every 30mins, RM0.80/hr. Workshop will be conducted in our workshop room, however learners are welcome to first mingle around our mini library / sofa area / social bonding with other participants.