Cerita House : How to Fight Tooth bugs


Dental phobia is common among us, and most of it was developed during our childhood.

Unfortunately we can’t turn back time and reverse it but what we can do is trying out creative ways to help out next generation avoiding it.

“How to Fight Tooth Bugs” (suitable for 3-10 years old) intends to introduce dental filling procedures in a child friendly way in order to eliminate children’s dental phobia.

Momo had been attacked by the tooth bugs, Join Enzo and the tooth fairy, Lycia on their rescue mission. After successfully defeating the bugs, they went on a journey to get Momo healed. This book is intended to introduce dental filling procedures in a non-traumatic way, aiming to acclimatize children and eliminate dental phobia.

ISBN : 9786299762201
Language : English
Cover type : Hard cover
Publishing company : Sky Dental Sdn Bhd
Year : 2022
Written by @drfeliciayi
Illustrated by Fengyi Lai
Produced by : @ceritahouse

Sponsored by Beyond Dental Care, iCARE Dental, Skye Dental Surgery, buku by Wildmums, and Motherhood.com.my
“As a dentist, I notice there are a lot of books in the market that introduce dental visits, but lack the procedural depth on how dentists treat teeth.

So I thought why not write a stories and bridge that gap to reduce children’s fear of the unknown.” @drfeliciayi
Feng Yì is a talented Malaysian illustrator and a visual development artist who is currently based in Malacca. She is in love with magic, colors, and unicorns.

Her work is overflowing with details and creativity. Check out her previous picture book

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