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Mumu by Wildmums is a Penang based Malaysian local brand solely owned and trademarked by Malaysian company Wild Mums Enterprise 201903234112 (003009713-P). We have several categories under our wings, namely Feeding, Utilities, & Wooden Educational Toys.

As mothers, our kids' well-being would always be one of our top priorities. When it comes to quality and safety, we believe most parents would first think of foreign big names, right?

However, is the grass always greener on the other side? This is indeed something to ponder... As fellow Malaysians, we should be proud of who we are, and be open to things developed by / created by / designed by / manufactured by local Malaysians.

And, that's how and why we wanted to embark on a journey from Malaysian, to Malaysian (and of course to our neighbors on the other side).

Why Mumu?

Let's brainstorm together to get the overall picture,

  • Malaysia is very hot, got lots of floral and fauna, we exports rubber, rubber wood is a good representation of who we are
  • Fauna wise we got tapir, harimau, musang, ikan puyu, penyu, badak, enggang, pelanduk, dugong, gajah, and so much more
  • Chinese pronunciation for both gajah and rubber = "xiang4 象橡", sort of destined huh? Alright let's go with elephant then
  • Elephants are gray in color, enormous, mighty, powerful, caring, team player, cooperative, and gentle. A herd of elephant is often led by the eldest female (a.k.a. the matriarch, whose often in charge of teaching the youngs), whereby adult males tend to wander on their own
  • Key takeaway = gray, matriarch, youngs, dedication, pass down, inheritance... And that's how we slowly refined the elephant symbol
  • Elephants look like the letter M, Chinese pronunciation for wood is "mu4 木", and "mu3 母姆" for mother, smooches sound like "muah" "muaks" "mumumumu"...

Alright, Mumu that's it!

Mumu -- From Heart, to Heart.